Welcome to Cambodia Kingdom of wonder
The Cambodia By Private Drivers is comprised by of a group of former NGO staffs and veterans. Rithy is a key player to lead the Cambodia by private drivers to serve clients to reach their itinerary with full enjoyable and satisfying experience.
We are safe, skilful drivers with limitless flexibility to accommodate your need and schedules in taking you around the country, including remote temples, beautiful beaches, and we also provide pick up/transfer services at the borders - Thai, Laos and Vietnam.
In spite of being of private drivers, we do provide plenty opportunities for our clients who want to get involve to help local poors by volunteering in community based programs, or at home of children with disabilties, local orphanage centre in/nearby Siem Reap town.
Please feel free to contact us for booking opportunities, or leave us ideas via email: rithybou@yahoo.com and cell-phone (855-11) 966 635 and (855-78) 34 3466

Thank you!


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Transfer and Pick up Available throughout country and at the borders of Thai, Laos and Vietnam
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