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Cambodia Foods


Khmer cuisine is closely related to her neighboring countries Vietnam, Laos and Thailand. Event though it is similar, but there are many special foods in Cambodia like Amok, Tirk Kreoung, Curries, Lap, Phlea, Samlor Kor Ko, Sach Ko Luc Lac, Bok Svai Kchei, Samlor Macho, and some Khmer foods who make with pahok like pahok kreoung ktis, pahok ktis, kapi phav, and so forth; that usually Cambodian people used for.

Anyway, in order to make the convenience situation for your Khmer cooking, we would like to point the method out on making. After meanwhile if the mistake or misunderstand of us come up on your mind please let us to send in; we are so fresh of your advice as well as your ideas.

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